It this the end times?

We all stop and pause to remember 9/11. Maybe that is what has be in this mood. But add to it what is going on in the world.

Well, dang. If you do even the minimal amount to follow current news I could understand why you might think this could be the end. Seriously. What is going on? How many hurricanes do we have going? Four in this hemisphere, and one that has killed thousands in India. Wildfires all across the northern hemisphere. (And people are golfing right next door – what does that say about us???) The threat of nuclear war growing every day. A huge earthquake in Mexico. That crazy solar eclipse. Come on. It may not be the real thing, but it is starting to feel like a dress rehearsal.

So, what if it is? What would that change? Would you do something differently today? Have you spent some quality time with the people you love? Have you spent some quality time with yourself? Do you love what you’re doing enough to keep doing it, even if today is the last day? Do you believe in it enough to keep going?

These are important questions to ask yourself, you know? Because even if the end of the world isn’t imminent, or at least is very highly unlikely, the end of your world is much more so. And probably sooner than you think. So my pledge is to be more mindful of that as I go about my day today. And my days going forward.

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