About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I grew up in the midwest and have lived here all my life. My children are grown now and are a little spread about the country. You’ll probably get to meet them along the way because I visit them regularly and they sometimes manage to make it back home. I live in the house where they were raised with a couple of old dogs and a forest out back. I’ve turned a big portion of my yard into native wildflowers and I feed the birds every day. My favorites are the hummingbirds. My job gives me a lot of flexibility so I get out and about whenever I get the chance. I love to hike and my dream is to convert a van into a rolling home and spend a good portion of the year exploring and working from beautiful places around the states. I love to take photos, so really I guess this blog is a place to catalog adventures for my own sake – haha! When I travel I love to visit the museums and galleries and coffee shops, so you’ll see some of the things that interest me. I’m kind of shy, but occasionally I come out of my shell and have an interesting conversation with a stranger. You’ll hear about that too. Anyway, this should be a lot of fun. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

sideways photo of me
haha i can’t figure out how to rotate this silly thing